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2013 Youth in City Government Schedule:
Monday, April 8, 2013
6:00 pm - 7:30pm
@ YMCA Goodtimes Center


Wednesday, April 10, 2013
8:30am - 3:00pm
@ City Hall (click for directions)

Click Here for the Youth in City Government Information Packet

Contact Lionel Armstead for more information.

How to write an Ordinance
Youth in City Government is great way to learn how the city government works. 7th through 12th grade students have a chance to debate. They also get to meet city leaders. Each person writes an ordinance, an idea for a law that applies to the city of Montgomery, not the state of Alabama as a whole.

  1. Tell who submitted the ordinance.  Write your name and the club’s name.  There is a limit of two students per ordinance.
  2. Title:  Explain what your ordinance means.  State its purpose.  Use a complete sentence.  (Note: Like the title of a book, this is not part of the ordinance.  Be sure to re-state your title in one of the sections below.)
  3. Sections:  Give your justifications for the Ordinance.  You may have as many sections as you would like.  Have these sections well thought out and limit use of statistics.  The last section must  include when the Ordinance would take effect (i.e. immediately, after 6 months, October 1, 2011, etc.)

    You will need to prepare a two-minute opening presentation to introduce your ordinance to the council.  It is good to include any research, justifications, or colorful illustrations to make your argument.  Please do not read your ordinance word for word during this time.

    You will be given two minutes at the end of the debate on your ordinance for a closing statement.  This is your chance to explain any questions brought up in debate and to make your final plea for votes.


    Elections for City Council Members – Monday, April 8. 

    • Each school will be apportioned 1 Council seat for every 7 students who are registered and have a proposal (Max 2).  These elections can take place in a regular meeting or on Monday night.
    • Schools who do not have 7 students or more registered can run for at-large seats that will be elected on Monday night, Jan. 30.
    • Candidates for City Council must be in grades 9-12. 
    • You will be allowed 3 minutes with NO introduction.

    Election for Next Year’s Youth Mayor – Wed. April 10th during Youth in City. 

    • Candidates for Youth Mayor must be in 11th grade.  You will be allowed 5 minutes including introduction. 
    • Candidates can also run for City Council and use the same form
    • This form must be turned in at Registration on Monday, April 8 

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