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Student YMCAs (formerly Tri-Hi-Y)
Cost:  $30 per year for Non-Members
          $20 per year for YMCA Members

Student YMCAs, formerly known as Tri-Hi-Y, are a group of teens whose goal is to serve the community while building character and leadership in the students involved. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings at their school or in their community make it an easy program to participate in. City Wide projects throughout the year provide an opportunity for students to meet others from across the city and gain a better understanding of the community in which they live. Each group must have an adult sponsor who is approved by the YMCA.

For More Info:
Sam Adams - 229-0039

Youth One Montgomery

The purpose of Youth One Montgomery is to bring teens from schools across the city, public and private, together to discuss issues that affect us all. The goal is racial and cultural understanding among young people in Montgomery. Speakers, Videos, and activities will give participants the opportunity to explore other cultures and points of view. Many past participants have enjoyed the opportunity to meet other students that they would have possibly never met before. Each month there is one meeting and one activity.

There is no cost to students, but membership is limited. Please contact Sam Adams if you are interested.

How do I get to the Britton YMCA?

Interpersonal Relations Youth Leadership

The Interpersonal Relations Youth Leadership Program (IPRYL) is a collaboration between the YMCA, Montgomery Public Schools, and local Private schools. High School Juniors and Seniors (Big Buddies) are paired with 1st - 3rd Graders in local elementary schools (Little Buddies) in a mentoring relationship 3 days a week in the Little Buddy's school.

The Big Buddies spend 7 weeks learning about Childhood development, tutoring, and working tighter as a team to solve problems. Classes are led by a facilitator, who is a High School teacher, with outside speakers. After this time of learning, the Big Buddies meet their Little Buddies who are selected by their guidance counselors and teachers as needing a little help catching up with their classmates. The Big Buddies spend Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday meeting with their students and Monday and Friday discussing their week with their class and receiving more training.

Parents and teachers often comment on the changes that are seen in both the Little Buddy and the Big Buddy. The Little Buddies realize that someone cares about them and their success and the Big Buddies learn about the responsibilities of raising a child and the importance of building assets in the lives of children.

For more information, contact Sam Adams.

Youth in Government Programs

Youth in Government is a large component of the Student YMCA program. There are two main components of Youth in Government: Youth Judicial, and Youth Legislature. Although these are both three day conferences, the scope is much larger and much of the learning is done in the local Student YMCA. Even if you think you are not interested in government, there are many roles available such as:

  • Print Media (writing and taking pictures for the conference Newspaper)
  • Electronic Media (preparing slide shows for the conferences)
  • Lobbyist (meeting with Youth Legislators and preparing printed material to support legislation that you would like to see passed)
  • Clerks (they keep up with paperwork related to bills and committees)
  • Chaplains (preparing devotions)
  • Deputies (at Judicial, they keep everyone in order and make sure each courtroom has everything in order
  • Officers (there are many other leadership positions that give students the opportunity to LEARN and the opportunity to GROW!)

You can find out more by reading the program descriptions below and by going to www.alyig.org. Contact Sam Adams for more information.

Youth in City Government

February, City Council Chambers

Montgomery's Youth in City Program is the oldest in the state. This February, Montgomery's Downtown Optimist Club, in cooperation with the Britton YMCA, will sponsor the YMCA Youth in City as a part of Optimist International Youth Appreciation Week. Students in grades 7-12 from all over the city will gather in City Hall for a day to debate the city ordinances they prepared. This program is very similar to Youth Legislature, except it is on a citywide level rather than a statewide level. Officers are elected at the opening meeting, held the night before. A Youth Mayor and 8 City Councilmen preside over the day. The morning and early afternoon are spent debating. The late afternoon is filled with the Youth Mayor's election and guest speakers. The election is held immediately after lunch. Usual guest speakers are the Mayor and City Councilmen. Others just drop by to watch the youth in action. There is no cost for this event, but seats are limited to the first 75 who sign up and turn in an ordinance. Click HERE for more details.

Contact Sam Adams for more information.

Pre-Youth Judicial Meeting

This is a preparation meeting for students interested in participating in the Youth Judicial Program. Teams of six students take on the roles of lawyers and witnesses and try a mock case before youth judges. At Pre-Youth, the students watch as actual attorneys demonstrate many of the elements needed to try their case at the state program. Everyone who attends will also vote on their choice for Youth Judges who will preside in November.

See ALYIG website for Dates, Times, and Locations
Grades:   9-12 (Must be either YIG club members or Student YMCA members)
Cost:      NONE unless you purchase a copy of Competition Rules and the CASE Files.
Elections: Judges, Sheriff, and Deputy Sheriffs

Fall Planning Retreat

About 150 young leaders (Grades 9-12) meet at YMCA Camp Chandler to plan the Youth Judicial and Youth Legislature Program for the year. These students recommend changes for the program as well as rally the support of members from all over the state. The weekend event serves as an introduction to the program as well as an opportunity for prospective leaders to assume positions in the process. It is a must for new clubs and their advisors.

See ALYIG website for Dates, Times, and Locations

Youth Judicial Officer Training

Officers of the Youth Judicial Program are provided intensive training for the Youth Judicial Program.

See ALYIG website for Dates, Times, and Locations

State Youth Judicial Program ~ www.alyig.org/judicial/index.htm

This is a hands-on program where students try an actual case and are scored by youth judges. Students work with attorneys, as team coaches who help them understand the judicial system.

When: November (see www.alyig.org for dates and registration)
Where: Montgomery, Alabama
Grades: 9-12 (Must be either YIG club members or Student YMCA members)

Youth Legislature District Meetings ~ http://www.alyig.org/leg

Each of the four state districts will hold a District Meeting. The students at the Fall Planning Meeting determine these dates and times. District meetings are the forums where candidates for office are nominated and district support is gathered. All Youth Legislature forms and amendments are distributed at this meeting. Special attention is given to practicing parliamentary procedure for the session.

See ALYIG website for Dates, Times, and Locations
Grades: 9-12 (Must be either YIG club members or Student YMCA members)
Cost: No Charge

Youth Legislature Officer Training

Officers of the Youth Legislature Program are provided training for the Annual YMCA Youth Legislature Program.

See ALYIG website for Dates, Times, and Locations
YMCA Youth Legislature - www.alyig.org/leg

A hands on program where over 500 high school students take over state government for three days. Participants are required to write a bill on a topic of their choice and take it through the legislative process. Exciting elections, dances and lots of fellowship top off this wholesome educational experience.

When: Friday - Sunday, February 25-27, 2011
Where: Montgomery, Alabama
Grades: 9-12 (Must be either YIG club members or Student YMCA members)
Prerequisites: Must have attended District Meeting.

See ALYIG website for Dates, Times, and Locations

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